What is Local SEO or Local Search Engine Optimization?

Local Search engine optimization is the process of improving a Google+ business profile natural ranking in Google+ Local search engine. Google+ Listings are ranked on specific terms relating to your business such as “Electrician Los Angeles”. Therefore, Local SEO firms specifically target these keywords to help your business get new customers from Google+ Local. Once a Google+ business profile is ranked in the top results for a keyword, you need to continue using to maintain those ranks. The process of SEO search engine optimization generally requires multiple phases over the time period of several months to get the best results.

How it works ?

1. Client or customer search for
your business in Google

All people search for their needs of services and products on the internet. By using google.com and Google + Local, they can find hundreds of services providers and products sellers. Listing your business at Google+ and other directories is a must to be in the competition and don’t lose chances of more sells.

2. Your Business show up on Google + Search

If your business is listed at Google+ local and other directories and has a high rank, this means your business will get new clients everyday especially if your business have great rating and reviews from your clients. Google+ local is a great source of income and great place to receive more leads, so don’t lose these chances and start now.

3. Get started now with Pinmybiz

What are you waiting for, Pinmybiz.com offer the most cost effective local search engine optimization package on the market. For only $99 per month we will help your business to rank high on GOOGLE+ local and start in beating your competitors. Our services include keywords research, listing your business to Google+ local, work with clients to verify Google+ profile, add new citations for your business in all directories like yelp, yellowpages, kudzu and more 300+ sites, correct old citations with wrong NAP and more…

4. Monthly Update Reports

Get a complete local SEO report in a clear and professional PDF every month. Each report covers 6 areas of local SEO including Google+ Local, Local Directory listings, on-site SEO and social media. 6 Essentials of our monthly SEO Check-up report, Local Directory Listing Audit, Google+ Local Report, Detailed on-site SEO Audit, Local Search Engine Ranking Report, Off-Site SEO Analysis, Social Media Report.

If you are a business owner in a large city, such as Toronto, local SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that is localized to your particular company is one of the fundamental stepping stones along your business’ journey to online success. This is even more important if your company does most (if not all) of its business via the web. Having good SEO is one thing, but with the continuous advancements of Internet marketing strategies and search engine optimization these days, local SEO is becoming more and more important, particularly to companies who are based in major metropolitan areas.

Why, you ask?

in large cities there exists a great deal of competition to be at the top of the Search Engine Page Results (SERPs). If you are just one company among hundreds, or even thousands of other similar companies within your area who offer the same types of products and/or services, you are dealing with a highly competitive market and want to ensure that your target market is able to find your business (versus your competitors’) when searching the web..
Out of all the popular search engines, like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing, 75% of online searches are searches for products and/or services locally. What does this mean? Basically it means that when a user is entering search terms into a major search engine, he/she is either looking for the results to be locally relevant (i.e. results from his/her city and not a city on another continent!), or is entering words to force the search results to be locally relevant (i.e. entering “Toronto SEO Company” vs. “SEO company”). Although it should be noted that nowadays, major search engines have algorithms built into them whereby users do not always have to enter a location or city name to receive relevant search results. Most of the time when a user is looking for let’s say a restaurant in their city, he/she can type the restauran t’s name or the type of food the restaurant serves without necessarily having to type the name of the city in which the restaurant is located. Geo-targeting (the process of identifying one’s physical location without that individual actually specifying it) and algorithms alike are ever-present on the web today, delivering more relevant and targeted results to the individual conducting the search.
Let’s be honest. Most businesses in metropolitan areas, whether they are large or small, importance of local SEO have a company website that promotes whatever it is they’re trying to sell. In large cities, this becomes even more important due to the high competition between your company and other similar companies in your city. So you already have that against you – high competition to be seen and heard. But that’s not all you have to worry about. These companies will likely also have not only good SEO strategies in place, but also local SEO techniques as well. As we now know, 70% of all online searches are related to location. Therefore if the majority of searches are location- related, not optimizing for local web traffic will have you missing out on a large percentage of potential customers and thus overall potential revenue for your company. Chances are these “potential customers” will go to your direct competitors, because they were more easily found on the web.
Another advantage to having a good local SEO strategy in place are the walk-ins, or “foot traffic”, you will receive from users who are searching on the go. Mobile phones and tablets are plentiful nowadays, and many individuals are conducting searches from these devices while they’re out and about. So if you want your business to be one of the top ones that is displayed, optimizing your site’s local SEO will also help you to generate more qualified and relevant leads. Now let’s take a look at how local SEO can be implemented to help your business stay competitive.
Create Relevant Content

Whether it’s just content on your company’s homepage or your business blog, we make sure that you are creating fresh, unique content regularly, and that this content reflects the keywords you are trying to target. For example, if you want your business to appear in the search engines near the top for a specific town or city, we use the name of this location in your content! Create relevant content.
That way we are “telling” the search engine that your site is relevant to what is being searched. So if you’re a Toronto SEO company, we make sure you are using the city name “Toronto” throughout your website’s content. This gives the search engines information about what you are trying to target, and will result in more relevant traffic coming to your site. We use these keywords in your website, Google+ local page, other directories, videos, pictures, descriptions, and H1 and H2 tags.

Create a Google + Account for your Business

A relatively new trend in the online world is Google+. Google Plus Account while it is similar to Facebook and other social media websites, it can be a great tool for business if utilized properly. Google Places, a component of Google+, is another great way to optimize for local SEO. We will create it for you but you will need to receive postacards and verify the listing with us.

Link Connectivity and Including Surrounding Areas

It’s simple and oftentimes even free! We register your business in local online directories (in addition to the aforementioned Google Places) such as Yelp and Yellow pages. This is an easy way to establish link connectivity and a greater online presence. A citation is a reference to your local business. This reference includes all of your business details such as name, address, phone, description, website, keywords, hours of operations, payment methods, logo and images with links to your website that results in higher search engine rankings locally. You don't have to understand complicated algorithms or how search engines rank pages. Pinmybiz.com will do all of the work for you.

Register Your Business in Local Directories register business in local directories

Speaking of link connectivity, we will help your business to get as many quality backlinks to your website as possible. For example if you want your company’s website to rank for ‘Toronto SEO Company’, your website should have other websites relevant to Toronto linking back to you. Social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, are great ways to do this. In addition, you don’t want to limit yourself to just one large city. Often there are towns and villages within large cities that are differently named, so ensure that you are also optimizing for these places, as well as some surrounding towns (within reason!).
SEO can be a daunting task, especially if you’re inexperienced and don’t know what you’re doing. If you would like some assistance bringing local traffic your way by locally optimizing your company’s website, please do not hesitate to contact us at: support@pinmybiz.com!

$99 / Month
  • Keyword Research.
  • Configuring & Optimizing of Google+ Local page.
  • Video development and submission to Google+, YouTube & other video sharing sites.
  • Photo submission to Google+, Yahoo, Bing, directories and photo sharing sites.
  • Submission to top industry specific directories.
  • Manual verification & submission to 350’s of top directories (Citation Building).
  • Submission to mobile search, mobile maps, 411, GPS, and navigation systems.
  • Claim & edit already listed citations with wrong NAP.
  • Citation blast to skyrocket your rankings on Google+ Local.
  • Posting reviews (Reputation Management).
  • Offpage optimization “link building”. (Web 2.0 profiles, Classified Ads, Articles submission, Social Media profiles).
  • OnPage Analysis Reports.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait To Start Your SEO Campaign?

Everyday the Local SEO industry is becoming more and more competitive as businesses decide to take their marketing online. The longer you wait to get into the online marketing industry, the more difficult it is going to be as your competitors gradually gain a foot hold in their rankings. SEO is not the wave of the future. SEO is the wave of right now. Companies are making thousands of dollars or more by properly marketing their company online using organic SEO.

The above chart shows the percentage of traffic, or in other words customers, that your website will receive based on it’s position. If you are ranked number one for a search term you will receive approximately 42.13% of all search traffic compared to the 2.85% that you would get for ranking tenth. Once you are ranked number eleven, or second page, you will receive virtually no traffic.

Is there a minimum term? For example need to pay for at least 6 months?

You can cancel the subscription after 6 months of subscription from PayPal.

What kind of results can I expect from your $99/mo package, and how long will it take?

You will start to get better search engine ranking within the first 2 months. Although the results may vary depending on your city and how much competition you have.

Are all the reports and logins provided? How specific is the SEO ranking in the map 7 pack?

You will get a complete local SEO report in a clear and professional PDF every month. Each report covers 6 areas of local SEO, including Google+ Local, Local Directory listings, on-site SEO and social media.

Is this SEO is tailored to rank on Google+ local or just the search engine?

It is tailored to rank on Google+ local.

How many citations are built per month in the local SEO package?

We start by building 100 citations per month, in the first two months. Then we will add about 30 citations per month. We will use niche, local, mobile and desktop citation sites.

And how do you deal with the content?

All business information and the description will be provided by the client, then our team will optimize your description by adding the targeted keywords into the description, tagline and everything else.

Do you prioritize the citations that have a high DA?

Yes, we do. We have a list of the best citation sources for the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Our team will research and local citation sources for each client.

Do you use any bots or spamming software?

No, we do all SEO work manually and only use high authority websites.

What does it mean when you say “citation blast”?

A citation is a reference to your local business. This reference includes all of your business’ details such as name, address, phone, description, website, keywords, hours of operation, payment methods, logo and images with links to your website. These citations result in higher search engine rankings locally. You don’t have to understand complicated algorithms or how search engines rank pages. Pinmybiz.com will do all of the work for you.

Do you build links to the citations?

Yes, we do that through bookmarking and web 2.0 profiles and other ways.

Are you the links you use for the citations safe?

We use only safe links, we build them manually, as we mentioned it would be through bookmarking, web 2.0 profiles and creating profiles at social sites, blogs, business sites, health sites, and information sites with a description of your business and we insert backlinks.

Is a report of these bookmarks and web 2.0 properties also included?

Yes, of course everything will be provided through detailed reports.

Can you explain more about how you conduct the video development? How many videos?

We ask the client to provide videos for his business, then we submit it to as many video sharing sites as possible during the next few months. We submit about 10 videos per month. The number of videos will be determined by the client, as long as he provides videos; we will share and optimize them.

Give me more details about your onsite SEO activities…

Our team analyzes your website looking for the most important 'natural' and 'local' SEO factors. This custom-report searches through the code and content of your site, analyzing everything. We report on factors such as visible keywords, company address, Google map links, rCard & hCard mark-up and things like meta tags, h-tags, flash files, error pages etc...

We do not do page optimization but if you check your report you will see if you need on page support.

How many keywords can you optimize?

We will do a maximum of 5 keywords.
Once I have keywords that are ranking well is there an additional cost to rank for more keywords.

We must submit all the keywords together because once they are submitted we cannot go back and add more.

What about the articles? How many articles per month?

We provide 2 articles per month and share them at best article submission sites, with backlinks to your website and your Google+ page.

Will you also optimize my Google+ page?

Yes, of-course. We will check your Google+ local page and give you a complete report on how to optimize it. If you don’t have the time, our team can edit the page, and then you can verify the edits by receiving a postcard at your business address.

The reviews you provide are they via localized IPs?

Yes, we use localized IPs.

What information do you need?

We need your basic business information. You will need to complete your order through our order form where you can fill in your business details. Our pack is $99/month and we accept Paypal.